Admissions Policy

AISN welcomes applications from students from Preschool through grade 12. We enroll students throughout the academic year on a space-available basis. Enrollment for the next school year should ideally be done by March.

Admissions is based on the following criteria: completed application form, previous academic records and results of a placement exam and interview. Grade placement is based on age with an October 1 cut-off. Exceptions to the October 1 cut-off are at the discretion of the school administration.

AISN welcomes all applicants, but parents should note that AISN is not adequately equipped to handle all students needing special educational services. Students who require mild to moderate academic or social emotional support can be accommodated in their regular classes or with pull out support during electives/specials classes (French/Art/Music).

Students with severe learning disabilities (more than two grade levels behind) and/or students with intellectual disabilities may be admitted, but only if appropriate staffing can be found locally. There are additional fees depending on the number of hours and type of support needed.