Pre school

At AISN, Pre-K is a play-based learning program for children ages 3 and 4.

Play-based learning helps students organize and make sense of their world as they explore and experience new things. In Pre-K, students get to be scientists, explorers, builders, readers, writers, artists, athletes, musicians and math-a-magicians.

Our teachers organize units of study designed to tap into the natural interests of Pre-K students. These units are long-term and open-ended to give students time to fully explore the topic and integrate new knowledge. Students are motivated by their interests to learn and understand. Teachers serve as facilitators to exploration and discovery, encouraging students to investigate, generate and test hypotheses and then depict their understanding.

To build language, the Pre-K program uses phonics to help students learn letter sounds. Students develop pre-writing and pre-reading skills as they express their ideas. Our math is integrated into our science and social studies explorations, following the AERO/Common Core preschool standards.

Art, drama, music, and PE are integrated heavily into the learning process for our youngest students, with opportunities to learn new games and explore rhyming and rhythm. Because outdoor play is critical for gross motor development in young children, we give them a large block of outdoor recess each day.

At the core of everything we do in our Pre-K program are the principles of respect, responsibility and community. We strive to nurture the whole child.